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Kindle 3

My First Kindle – the Kindle 3

Adventures in Kindle

An E-reader Review

Last week I reached into my bag to pull out my Kindle and it had happened – and without warning.  My Kindle had decided it was going to freeze, never to turn on again.  I was dismayed for several reasons.  1)  It was the first Kindle I had purchased,  2) It was the lightest Kindle I owned, and 3) it was the E ink display that differentiates it from all the tablets out there.

I had purchased the kindle in 2010, completely excited to stop piling books up on the shelves as I devoured them.  I was traveling a lot at the time, and it helped to not have to carry a book in my carry on and a back-up in my check in bag.  It was a beautifully designed device that made reading a pleasure, and I took it with me everywhere.

My Second Kindle - The Kindle Fire HD

My Second Kindle – The Kindle Fire HD

Christmas 2012 found me opening a new Kindle Fire.  I was truly excited – now I could read in the dark without an external light.  I could watch HD Movies from Amazon Prime.  I could play all those crazy fun games like Candy Crush Saga! What more could one ask for?

Well, as it turns out – the lightness of the Kindle 3 and the E-ink display.  Its great for watching movies away from home, the screen is way better for viewing than a phone. Its great for surfing the web – a full size display and full color pictures.  Its great for playing with apps purchased from the Amazon App store.  But I still found myself reaching for the Kindle 3 whenever I wanted to read – unless it was completely dark with no light to read by.   The Kindle Fire HD would just become heavy in my hand – and after staring at a computer screen all day, I didn’t want to look at more LED screens.

Christmas 2013 – I decided it was time to give the gift of Kindle.  I purchased a Kindle Fire HDX for LordofLightning, Ms.KittyKat and my mom. That year found a Kindle Fire HDX in the hands of my niece and nephew as well.  Everyone would have the joy of the Kindle!  The Kindle Fire HDX is a step up from the Kindle Fire HD – touting an increase in PPI (adds detail to the screen), a faster CPU (works harder), and was even lighter.  The kiddos walk around with them all the time, sometimes choosing to watch Netflix on the Kindle rather than the TV.  This also means that their books are at their fingertips at all times.  Kindle Free Time allows me to monitor and manage the use time of the device and what they can and cannot access.

My third Kindle - The Paperwhite

My third Kindle – The Paperwhite

That leads me back to last week when I found my Kindle 3 had moved on to E-reader heaven.  What was a voracious reader to do?  Purchase the Kindle Paperwhiteof course!  The paperwhite is a new generation of the E-Ink device, but has additional features.  The screen has a front lit light that you can make brighter for reading in low light or darker for reading as if it were a paperback.  The screen isn’t LED, so you do not have to worry about straining your eyes while you read, and there isn’t any glare from the sun if you are outdoors.  It is super light, weighing only 7.3 oz.  It comes with all the reading features of the Kindle Fire HDX, like Free Time, and Cloud Content Storage.  There are many new features as well such as the Vocabulary Builder and Smart Search.

Finally its worth noting that the Kindle is enhanced with the Amazon Prime membership.  Amazon Prime gives you access to over 40,000 movies and TV shows, allows you to ‘borrow’ one book a month through the lenders library, and gives you free 2 day shipping.  The member ship is $99 a year, which seems expensive, but is more valuable than Netflix (107.88/yr) and gives you the additional features of the lenders library and free shipping.  Amazon Prime also just announced that it would have access to dozens of HBO’s original series such as The Sopranos, Big Love, and TrueBlood.

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