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Foundation Without Feeling Weighed Down

Summers in Phoenix can be brutal on your skin and it seems like you have to re-apply your makeup every hour. The other option is having the makeup clump into your pores as it interacts with the oils created by your skin in the hot weather. I end up avoiding makeup all together during the summer, but I think I have finally found a solution.

Last week as I was shopping I was given a sample of Juice Beauty’s Perfecting Foundation. I normally don’t bother with samples, but this one was the right color for my skin (extremely fair) and was marked as being made with organic ingredients. Buying organic has obviously gotten very popular as of late. People are purchasing organic foods to avoid contaminates and pesticides. So why would it matter if your skin care regime is organic?

The body’s largest and most beautiful organ

Many people do not understand that the skin is the largest organ on their body. Its completely exposed to all of the elements of the world. Yet, people are much more concerned about making sure their other organs are healthy. Your heart, lungs, kidneys are all very important, but you have the most direct interaction with your skin daily. Why would you want to cover it in chemicals? Its a rhetorical question obviously – I am clearly interested in a foundation that is organic and could help feed my skin instead of polluting it.

A summer carnival puts it to the test

I decided to use my sample on a Saturday when I would be taking my family to an event that was being hosted outside. There would be plenty of inside areas too, but the main event was the water activities that were being held outside. I was delighted with the way the Perfecting Foundation applied to my skin. I have been using mineral foundations for the past few years, but this liquid foundation went on smooth without the feel of having just painted my skin. My blush, eyeshadow, and powder went over it smoothly and I was ready to go.

When I came home that evening, I checked out my image, and the foundation had held up all through the day. My skin still looked flawless and the heat of the day hadn’t caused a bit of trouble. I was even surprised that all of my oily hot spots had weathered the day without fading. I washed my face to remove the makeup, and it came off easily as I applied the cleanser. When I was done, my face felt refreshed, and there didn’t seem to be a trace of the foundation left in my pores.

The one thing I wish that the foundation had is sunscreen. I have very fair skin and can burn very easily – but I also have sunscreen in my moisturizing cream.  I found that if I go to Juice Beauty’s Web site, I can actually buy the Perfecting foundation in a Collection that comes with concealer, blush, eyes and lips – and they are all organic too! If you buy the complete collection, you also get a free Buki Brush and Cleansing Milk, and as always, Juice Beauty offers FREE standard US Ground Shipping on orders of $50 and over (excluding taxes). No promotion code is required to receive free shipping on purchases of $50 or more.

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