A Dark Ali into Melissa’s Secret?

Pretty Little Liars – Melissa’s Secret Revealed?

Pretty Little Liars
The Summer Finale of Pretty Little Liar’s will air next Tuesday August 19th, and it looks like we will finally get to lean Melissa’s secret. Or will we?

This season, Melissa has been jumping in and out of the plot lines, but it was made clear in season finale of Season 4  that she was hiding something, and Peter Hastings isn’t very happy about it.  Whatever Melissa is hiding is actually so hard on Mr. Hastings that the secrecy and lies has put a strain on his relationship with his family, causing Veronica Hastings to file for divorce.

Oh Daddy Dearest

In the first episode of Season 5, EscApe from New York, Melissa starts to tell veronica the secret she told her father, but they are interrupted by the police alerting them that CeCe Drake had escaped and that they may be in danger.  Peter stonewalls and tells the police that the Hastings family has nothing more to add.  Later that night, Melissa pleads with her father that she cant keep what she knows a secret anymore, but Mr. Hastings tells her (in almost a threatening way) that Veronica can never know what she told him.

This whole episode had me feeling like Melissa’s secret was fueling the fire of something else Peter Hastings knows. It also seems that whatever it is that Melissa is hiding will be enough to tie things together that will end up being very bad for the Hastings’ family.  In the first season, Peter freaks out about a broken Hockey stick that was found buried on the Hastings’ property.  He burned the stick in front of Spencer, telling her that they didn’t need any more suspicion aimed their way.  We have also found out that he has a deep mistrust of the DiLaurentes family- but its not such a distrust that would keep him from having an affair with Jessica DiLaurentes and fathering Jason.

If you can’t trust your family – you definitely cant trust your neighbors

In a later episode this season, Melissa also talks to Spencer about how much Melissa distrusts the DiLaurentes Family.  Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that their half brother killed his mother, and she doesn’t deny it, but when Spencer talks to Jason, he warns Spencer not to trust her father.  Between the the eight (or more?) people in the Hastings/Dilaurentes clans it doesn’t seem like any one of them fully trusts any of the others. Its gotta be hard when you cant trust your neighbors OR your family.

Sisterly Protection

This season we have seen Melissa seemingly have some protective vibes going on as well.  When Spencer confronts her father about the email that Jessica DiLaurentes wrote but never sent, Melissa grabs the print out and rips it up.  She says she wants to tell Spencer, but Mr. Hastings refuses.  Saying she can’t lie about something she doesn’t know. And, since when has anyone been able to dangle a mystery in front of Spencer and her not attack it like a terrier in a fox hunt?  If Veronica can never know about it, and Spencer cant know so she wont have to lie – could it be that Melissa and Peter are protecting Veronica Hastings?  The obvious choice, and what I think the writers would want us to think is that its Spencer, so lets not go with the obvious.

The Many Faces of Melissa

We also know that Melissa is often playing on the A team. She has never been a fan of Alison’s.  She was aware that Ian and Alison were hooking up behind her back.  She was also in the NAT club with Jason, Ian, and Garrett.  She was the Black Swan at the Masqurade Ball, and was seen talking with Jenna and Lucas there.  That was also the same night that Mona almost killed Spencer when Spencer found out about MonA’s -A lair. We know that Melissa was wearing one of the Queen of Hearts costumes on the Halloween train, the same episode that Garrett was killed. Melissa sent Jenna and Shana to the lodge the night that it was set fire to and almost killed all the girls. Lastly we know that Melissa is working with Mona in the MonA Army.   Basically, out of all the characters, Melissa knows enough of the picture that she is likely only missing one piece to figuring it all out, and if she tells Spencer what she is hiding it could help her complete the puzzle.

What is Melissa's Secret?

What is Melissa’s Secret?

The end of Dark Ali’s are never safe

In last week’s episode ‘A Dark Ali’ Melissa and Spencer have a few interactions that seem very suspicious.  First, She walks in on Spencer just as she realizes someone has pilfered the recording Alison ave her about the kidnapping.  When Melissa is standing there, Spencer gets a call from -A playing the recording to her.  Then, just after Melissa leaves, Spencer receives a text from -A.  The whole timing of it made me feel suspicious of Melissa.  It was as if Melissa was setting up Alison in some way by trying to break Spencer, who is probably the one person strong enough to expose Alison for who she is.  Later Spencer and Melissa have another run-in where Spencer tries to get Melissa to tell her what she is hiding ‘before its too late’ and Melissa says that its not safe for then there anymore.   At the end of the show, Melissa sits down to video tape a herself confessing the secret that she has been keeping.  So what is going to happen next?

Here are my theories:

Melissa is going to record her tape, but no one will see it – at least for now.  Which means we AREN’T going to find out what Melissa’s secret is.  Where will the tape go?  Well -A is going to take it of course.  Melissa said it wasn’t safe for them, but could it be that they were actually not safe then and there?   I think that someone is about to attack Melissa who is ready to tell all that she knows.  Here are my four picks on who it is that wants to keep her quiet.


1) Peter Hastings – its clear that he doesn’t want Melissa to tell anyone what she knows, but is he willing to harm Melissa to hide the secret?  Could Peter be protecting himself against being found out about something he has done – perhaps involving a certain hockey stick, or a 15k payment that seemed to end up in Alison’s hands? Is he protecting Veronica?  Perhaps by keeping the truth about him, Melissa, or Spencer from her or protecting the girls from knowing what Veronica has done?

2) Cyrus Petrillo – This newcomer has ties to Alison and to Melissa.  Towards the end of last week’s episode we learn that Alison and Cyrus orchestrated the confession.  But we also saw Melissa handing materials over to someone outside the barn and saying ‘Do it, Trust Me, Do it”.  The person had the same body type as Cyrus, and it was before he confessed, so could he have a reason to attack Melissa – either for Alison or himself?

3) Jason DiLaurentes – Jenna and Garrett put a note in Jason’s pocket the night that Alison went missing that said ‘I know what you did’.  Could we be circling all the way back around and cleaning up the NAT Clubs messes?  Ian is dead, Garrett is dead, Melissa is …

4) Toby Cavenaugh – If Melissa saw something that Toby did the night that Alison went missing and Bethany Young died – it would hurt Spencer quite a bit, and she wouldn’t be able to be objective about it. If Melissa was about to tell, then Toby would be doubly motivated to keep Melissa quiet so that his relationship with Spencer wouldn’t be impacted.

So Tune in Tuesday August 19th for the #FAtaleFinale on ABCFamily.  One thing is for sure – whatever you think might happen probably wont – but someone is gonna die.

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