Easy Peasy DIY Flower Arrangements

Add a pop of color with DIY flower arrangements

DIY Flower Arrangement

One of the easiest ways to add color to a room is with flower arrangements. DIY Flower arrangements can be a quick way to add a splash of color to any room. Want to change your mind about that fire engine red during the summer? No problem – switch it out for fresh greens and yellows. The point is, that with a creative mind, its easy peasy to fill those empty spaces with some flowers that compliment a room, and can quickly be changed up at a whim.

I will quickly explain my techniques for creating flower arrangements, and the logic behind my choices.  Then, I can show you step-by-step how to create the arrangement.  Creation time should take less than 15 minutes, though the shopping part is always what takes me the longest.   The picture to the left is the flower arrangement I will be creating – I made this for the area behind my sink in the kitchen.

Step 1: Determine the Spot that you need to fill

You know the spot.  Its that empty one that you are always looking at wondering, ‘What can I do there?  Why is it so blah?’  Once you have found the spot, you will know the type of materials that you will need.  Will they need to be petite flower buds like baby’s breath, or will it need to be something grander like large lily’s?  Will you need to get a tall vase with a large opening or should it be a wide basket that fills the space horizontally instead of vertically?  What colors do you want to use? Once you understand your space, you can understand what will work to fill it.  You don’t need to know exactly what you need to do, but you should be able to get a picture in your mind filled with generalities.

DIY Flower Arrangements

Empty space that needs filling

You can see to the right that the space I needed to fill was quite large.  Its actually twice this space (and then some) because I created two matching arrangements to fill the area.  The window you see looks out into the backyard, which at this time is somewhat sparse with its desert landscaping.  It also faces west – so in the late afternoons its a direct view into the depths of the sun – not pleasant.   You cant see it in the picture, but the granite counter tops have flecks of red/purple in it that shine when the light hits it directly.  Purple also happens to be one of my favorite colors.  So with that in mind, I knew I needed something that would cover space vertically (potentially horizontally) and I knew there was quite a bit of space to play with.  Off to shop!

Step 2: Pick your Supplies

This is always the hardest part for me. I spend quite a bit of time standing in the store with a bundle of silk flowers in my hand, and since the vases are not always near the flowers, or the greenery, I am often traversing the isles switching out items. I typically like to purchase the flowers at a craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels – Otherwise I will need to travel to various places finding what I am looking for.  I often find some good values on vases, baskets, and greenery at the same shops, though another place to locate fabulous vases at low prices are garage sales and thrift shops. All of the items I purchased for this project were from Hobby Lobby – on a day where all the supplies I needed were 50% or more off (Yay for super sales!). A large vase would satisfy the vertical need, but obviously not the horizontal. It also meant that the flowers I picked would have to be large as well (a single orchid would look out of place). I chose two types of greenery, one was a bundle of grass that would provide filler and depth to the arrangement, and another that would drape down along the side of the vase. I found several flowers in the colors that I liked in different sizes and bulk.

DIY Flower Arrangement

Materials for DIY Flower Arrangement

This is where the walking came in. I pull each of the items that I am thinking about using, gather them in my hand and make a psuedo arrangement so see if the items go together, and there is enough variety in the colors, textures, shapes and sizes to make it interesting and fit my needs.  I tend to gravitate to one central item, and then try to arrange around it. I end up trying several different types of greens, flower types and colors until I am satisfied that I will be able to create an interesting flower arrangement for the space. Then with my bounty, I go home and set it up on my counter.

Step 3: Place the filler

Large arrangements with flowers often mean greenery. The leafy parts of the flower bunch near the base of the ensemble, and give it a look of lush landscaping. But typically the leaves of the flowers themselves will not do the full job. This is where the greenery comes in. In this arrangement, I wanted the flowers to be tall, but not have a sparse base. Trailing vines and a bushel of grass filled the needs. Because the vase of this project is tall and colored, I was able to place a box of floral foam in the vase to give structure to the stems of the flowers. If your vase is shorter, you will need to cut off part of the stems to that the flowers do not seem like a gangly teenager sprouting out of a jar. Silk flowers come with wire stems that are coated in plastic and you can only cut them with a strong pair of wire cutters. In the picture to the right, I placed the grass bushel in the center and then arranged the vines so they fanned out to the sides like pigtails.

DIY Flower Arrangement

Flower Arrangement with the filler placed

Once you was sure how you wanted the arrangement to look, push the stems into the floral foam to secure them and slide it into the vase. Dont worry if its not quite right just yet, you still have more pieces to add, and then the final touches of making things lean in all the right ways.

Step 4: Finish it up!

Once you have the filler in, then you can being to place your main flowers. Focus flowers should be placed in the center, then other flowers reaching out from there as if in a star burst pattern. In this arrangement, the focus flowers are the large white lilies in the middle – even though my main color of the arrangement was purple. Purple wisteria hangs to the sides adding color along the trailing greenery, while purple wild flowers spring up high and wide above the focus. Just above the arrangement of 3 white lilies is a single violet lily adding the prime color to the focus. As you get the flowers in just where you want them, press them firmly into the floral foam. Once everything is secure and in the general place you want it to be, you can arrange the individual stems. Since the flowers have wires inside them, you can turn them to face the way you need them to, and spread them out for an even look. And there you have it – Wha-la! Easy Peasy Flower Arrangements!


DIY Flower Arrangement

DIY Flower Arrangement in its final space

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