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Why do I DIY?

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I don’t know about you, but I occasionally have a bout of binge watching on the Cable Network Channels DIY or HGTV, jealously coveting the people who are the lucky recipients of the fabulous work being highlighted there.  Sometimes I come away invigorated, other times I feel like its hopeless unless I have thousands of dollars to spend on an interior decorator.

Not True!

One of the things that I consistently notice on the shows like Flip or Flop, Love it or List it, and House Crashers is that the little details make all the difference.  Sure those hardwood floors look amazing, and the granite counter tops offset the custom cabinetry beautifully, but the small things are what make the room.  I am talking about the flower arrangement in the corner or the mirror collage on the wall.  Those are the things that make a difference – after all its the reasons why people ‘stage’ homes that are for sale.

Simple solutions to add flair to a home just need some imagination.  Most of us don’t want to have the same cookie cutter wall hangings that are available at the local big box retailer, and you don’t want to pay the high end prices for custom work – so what is there to do? Do it Yourself!  By creating your own work, you have a custom design piece, a sense of ownership, and bragging rights on your work.

Follow me on some of the creative DIY ideas and inspirations that I have implemented around my home.  Get your own inspiration, modify the ideas and make them your own.  It’s all easy peasy!



Easy Peasy Flower Arrangements