String of Pearls – Coveted Cosmic Accessory

Ancient Galaxies and Their string of Pearls

Image Credit:  NASA/ESA

Image Credit:

NASA’s Hubble Space telescope has photographed a unique ‘string of pearls’ that wrap around the core of two colliding galaxies. It is the first time the phenomenon has been observed in the instance of two elliptical galaxies joining together in a cosmic marriage. Giving life to a new up-and comer in the highly celebritized social circles in the universe.

The galaxies in SDSS J1531+3414 are host to a ‘string of pearls’ that are 3,000 light years apart for a total length of 100,000 light years. This is an incredible accessory for a galaxy couple who are on the verge of collapse but want to go out with their own special flare.

The appearance of a ‘string of pearls’ has been seen before on other exclusive galactic social circles. The last ‘string of pearls’ to be touted through the elite circles in the galaxy was observed by researchers at the Swineburne University of Technology around galaxy NGC2110 in the constellation of Orion.

Photo Credit: Research: Mark Durré, Jeremy Mould

Photo Credit:
Research: Mark Durré, Jeremy Mould

Previous to that, in 2011, the Astrophysical Journal observed some dazzling ‘string of pearls’ on three separate tidal tails. These were observed to be star formations attributed to gravitational instabilities within the galactic social circles. It should be noted that not all galactic tidal tails contain the elusive ‘string of pearls’.

The paparazzi who have been constantly observing SDSS J1531+3414 originally thought that the sparkling blue gems were created by gravitational lensing, but upon closer examination determined that was not the case. No one has yet determined how the spectacular design was created, but rumors abound with theories of cold molecular gas that is native to the two collapsing galaxies to high temperature shock waves created when the when the two elliptical galaxies collided with each other on the interstellar red carpet.

Stay tuned for all the latest news regarding the cosmos’s most exclusive events and celebrity sightings.

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