Fear the Loot Crate – My First Loot Crate

Like a bag of Cracker Jacks but soooo much better!

My first Loot Crate – Unboxing

So I was hanging out on Tuesday, laying upside down on the couch when mom came home and dropped a black box by my head. I wasn’t sure what it was, but she told me that there would be a surprise inside.  I flipped back over and took a look.  The box was black, and it was labeled LOOTCRATE.  Nothing else on the package indicated what it might be.  It’s October, and i’ts mom’s favorite holiday, so I wasn’t sure I was ready to open it, but LordOfLightning was coming out to see what the commotion was about, and UGH I was going to have to share whatever was inside with him.

I open up the box, and I am confused.  I see another box inside that looks like its splattered with blood, and a black material with some x-ray looking kittens on it.  Oh-Kay. The inside of the box said Wrench-O-Rama, and looked like a zombie garage of some sort, but I was still confused by the x-ray cats.  I reached for the fabric and found that it was a tee-shirt. and OMG it was awesome.

Lootcrate October Tee-Shirt

While I was oogling the skull of ghost kittens, LordOfLightning grabbed the box that was next to the shirt.  Inside is a sledgesaw from the game Dead Rising 3.  Mom won’t buy the game because of all the violence and drama, but we had a friend who played it so we knew where the item came from.  He was exclaiming about how awesome it was when he pulled the saw portion of the sledgehammer off and it was a PEN! So awesome, but all the girls in my class would look at me strange, so I put up a cursory fight for it to make him think he had gotten something I wanted.

Lootcrate Sledgesaw pen

The next thing I pull out of the box is a book called ‘How to Survive a Sharknado, and Other Unnatural Disasters’.  Mom laughs, and I am like whatever, but LordOfLightning wants it big time.  The book is all about surviving things like a Firenado, an Ice Twister, and Sharknado.  Really how many different elements can you get out of a Tornado! There is also tactics on surviving an Antdemic, Bataclysm, and Stonehenge Apocalypse. I guess LordOfLightning will be ready for anything by the end of the month!

SuperEmoFriends - Walking Dead

The next thing I saw was a cute drawing of a zombie and another guy.  I ask if I can have it, and mom says sure if I can name who is in the drawing.  I have no clue, I just liked it, so I am out.  LordOfLightning thinks he knows though, and says ‘Jason from Friday the 13th, and Brad Pitt from World War Z’! Mom laughs and tells him he totally failed.  Its Darryl Dixon and Merle from The Walking Dead.  I wouldn’t have ever known that.  Still it’s cute.  It’s from SuperEmoFriends by artist JSalvador.  Guess that item is going to mom. Two days later, at game night, I saw the same thing at the comic book store.

Next I see a booklet and some red/blue 3D glasses. I am all over it.  Old School 3D is the best and this booklet is awesome.  The booklet isn’t all in 3D but its pretty dang cool and it features interviews from JSalvador and Robert Kirkman (the Walking Dead Comic Creator).  I am also having a little bit of envy over these Mega crates that are featured.  We didn’t win, but it would have been A-Mazing if we had!

Me and My Lootcrate Gear

Me and My Lootcrate Gear

Speaking of The Walking Dead – there is a The Walking Dead Comic in the box! The issue is #132 and the cover is an exclusive Loot Crate variant.  LordofLightning scooped that up pretty fast too.  That left me with the Toxic Waste sour candy – and OH BOY it was sour!  I also grabbed up the temporary tattoos that look like zombie slashes and bites.  I am trying to figure out how to work them into my Devilish Angel Halloween costume.  Zombie Devil Angel? There is also a DLC for Smite that unlocks Thantos and a Jack the Ripper Skin.  Whatever that might be.  I am thinking I will give it away.  Gotta ask mom how to do a giveaway on a blog.

All in all, I really enjoyed the Loot Crate.  The tee-shirt is epic, and all my friends thought it was cool.  The best part is – no one else at the school has one, so its unique to me.  <3 that! There was a ton of cool things in the box, and I can’t wait until November to see what will come next.  Want to get your own  Loot Crate full of geek gamer gear? Click Here to order yours for November!


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