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Product Reviews by Kids for Kids

and maybe mom too!

Yes, you heard that right, Product Reviews by Kids. I started this project to help provide my children with an interesting and creative way to practice their writing skills. They wont have to think about plot lines or character development – simply give their honest opinions on products that they have used. For density’s sake, I am not going to limit it to any particular categories either, they will be reviewing products, services, books, movies, games, you name it – if they have put their hands on it, they can review it.

But that’s not the end, it doesn’t help to know what the kids think about something if its not mom approved. If there is something noteworthy to add from a mom’s perspective it will be called out on the review as well. So both a child’s and an adult’s perspective in a comprehensive product review.

The first reviewer will be by LordOfLightning.  He’s 13 years old, interested in science, math, science fiction reading, video games (duh!), MineCraft, and all things electronic.  You can count on him to tell you all about the good bad and ugly of something from both an entertainment and technical perspective.

The other reviewer will be MsKittyKat.  She is an eleven year old full of sugar and spice.  She’s got the low down for you on all things drawing, crafting, girl scouting (ahhh cookie sales!), music, and fun.  You can count on her to give you the scoop that you can only get from a tween about all the latest trends for all things girl.

From time to time, there might be guest reviewers as well – I have a whole host of nieces and nephews and there is always a child hanging around with my two children. Spaceman was the first guest writer we had. Check out his stuff here.

That leaves the final word coming from Mom.  I’ve got my fingers into just about every punch bowl at one time or another, and if I haven’t tried something yet, I am sure to try it soon.  You can count on me for providing down to earth commentary for the product reviews to give the final decision maker the need-to-know facts before they purchase the latest ‘I want!” for their kiddos.