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Halo Reach: Noble Team



Meet The Halo Spartans

You may already know who these are if you have played Halo: Reach. Noble Team is a very elite squad of Spartans on the planet Reach: Sister to earth and the Humans best kept secret. The campaign of this game starts when the Covenant, an alien army bent on the destruction of humankind and the activation of the Halo rings, is found by Noble Team when a communication array is knocked out supposedly by insurrectionists. You play as Noble Six, a highly trained Spartan who is the newest recruit to Noble team. When Halo: Reach ends, it’s the very beginning of the very first Halo game where Petty Officer Master Chief (John 117) is introduced.



Noble 1

Commander Carter, Spartan A259, Is Noble Leader or Noble 1. With the rank of commander, he holds the second highest rank in Spartan.  Only Admiral Serin Osman outranks him.  Very serious about work done on Reach, he keeps Emile, Jorge, Kat, and Jun in line when on missions. Carter is confirmed KIA in an intentional Pelican crash into a scarab near the Fall of Reach (When a planet falls to the Covenant, it is “Purged of its sins” by burning the surface, or in Halo terms, glassing. Carter fought valiantly and died knowing that Reach had lost and that the package (A.I Cortana) was delivered safely to the Pillar of Autumn. His final words were ‘You’re on your own Noble, Carter Out.  He and Kat were the part of the original Noble team, and are the only survivors.  They share a close bond because of this, but I personally think that he and Kat had a “thing”.


Kat - 320

Kat – 320

Noble 2

Lieutenant Commander Catherine (Kat), Spartan B320, was the tech specialist, intelligence specialist, and Carter’s second in command. Kat only has one real arm, the right arm was lost in an operation to destroy a battleship maintaining a position over a city.  The battle in which Kat lost her arm is the same one that Thom-293 lost his life. She doesn’t have any problems using her arm though, Kat was right handed before and after the battle.  She even still holds her M6G Magnum Sidarm Pistol in her right hand. When Reach was falling she asked Carter when he said if she wanted to know if they were losing, “I know we are losing… I want to know if we’ve lost.” Kat is killed in action by a Needle Rifle fired from a Phantom during the Fall of Reach. She is the 2nd Noble to fall during this time.

Noble 3

Warrant Officer Jun, Spartan A266, is the sniper and recon specialist of Noble team. Thoughtful and tactical, He and Noble Six scouted out a Covenant outpost on Reach and took it down. He helped evacuate Dr. Halsey, creator of the Spartans, from Reach and Sword Base under Commander Carter’s orders. Jun is the only survivor of the Noble Team and one of the Last of Alpha Company. Jun continues to be a Spartan, and is instrumental in the Spartan-IV project. He helped handpick the very first Spartan-IV, Sara Palmer.  The newest version of Spartans are introduced in Halo 4.

Jun - 266

Jun – 266

Noble 4

Warrant Officer Emile (Pronounced M-eel), Spartan A239, is a very bold and aggressive soldier. He has one of my favorite types of knives, the Kukri Knife, on his soldier and is his pride and joy. Because of his aggressiveness, Noble Actual (Kind of like mission control) appointed him assault specialist of the team. Emile is killed shortly after the package is delivered to the Pillar of Autumn on an AA Gun (Anti-Aircraft). Cause of death was an Energy Sword through the chest by Sangheili (Elite) Zealots. He is the 4th of Noble Team to die on Reach.

Emile - 239

Emile – 239




Jorge - 052

Jorge – 052

Noble 5

Chief Warrant Officer Jorge, Spartan 052, was the only Spartan II on Noble Team. He is very strong, big, and kind to everyone on Reach, and absolutely hates the Covenant. Jorge is the team’s heavy weapons specialist, carrying a mini gun with him almost everywhere he goes. Jorge is killed in Reach’s atmosphere in Operation: UPPER CUT, a mission to take down a major Covenant ship in Covenant held space, and had to manually activate a bomb placed in it.




Covenant Factions

If you are wondering what the Covenant Factions are, I will tell you now. First are the San ‘Shyuum. Very tall and ugly creatures referred to as Prophets, started the Covenant Empire and Alliance. The Prophets would handle religious affairs. Next are the Sangheili. This military based race, known as Elites, is a very formidable enemy in combat and can take down many Marines. They would handle military affairs. Next are Hunters, worm like creatures than can form a massive being and when put in very heavy amour, are almost impossible to beat without heavy weapons. They are part of the Covenant Army and have massive cannons as weapons. There are many other factions, but they aren’t as interesting as the others. These are the enemies Noble Team faced on Reach.

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