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KindleUnlimited – Access to over 600,000 books

It’s well documented that I am a huge Kindle fan. If there is any doubt, you can check out my review of several iterations of the kindle here. One of the things that would frustrate me about the Kindle is that the books would cost so much – there was still a considerable charge for transmitting the bits and bytes electronically. I know there are several considerations that come into play when considering the retail value of a book – and I fully FULLY support an author’s right to be compensated for their work. What I had a terrible problem with was kindle editions that were more expensive than the hardback. Anyway, this post isn’t about the injustices of e-reading rather it’s about the amazing announcement from Amazon today around kindle unlimited.

With kindle unlimited, you have access to over 600,000 books for 9.99 a month. Considering that I typically pay 5-10 dollars for a single book this is like HELLO! But what’s the catch you say.

Well, not every book is available on kindle unlimited. For instance, the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris is not part of the offering.  I still love her books.

So does that mean you won’t have access to the bestsellers and series that you love? No! For instance, the Harry Potter Series is available, so is the The Hunger Games. The Lord of the Rings Anyone? There are other recent Bestsellers as well – Life of Pi,The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, The Giver. Okay enough title dropping.

So what’s a gal to do if they don’t have a Kindle? Well that’s easy peasy – you can download the Kindle app to any device you have including an iPad and iPhone. How much is this app you ask? It’s FREE! Well Ok, that’s enough excitement about that – I found the kindle app years ago when I was gorging on Game of Thrones and couldn’t stop.

There is some concern from the indie publishers out there. Those stories and how-to’s that people write, but can’t seem to get a publisher to answer their phones(or email). Most of those books are going to fall into Amazon’s KDP program – which means they are offered as part of this unlimited deal. That could be a good or a bad thing for the publishers. For now it means that their earnings from their book sales is going to be unknown. It also means that their audience just grew exponentially.

There have been several ebooks that have been offered on Amazon that I considered purchasing – but if I went around purchasing every book that I considered I would be under an electronic mountain of books and I may or may not read them. Now I get to try before I buy – literally. In order for the author to get compensated for the book a reader has to get through more than 10% of it. If I can’t get through 10% of your book then it might not be legible. Long story short – there are a ton of ebooks I have considered checking out, but I have been extremely cash deprived lately and I end up passing. I feel like this new offering is going to allow me to read more of those books – and thus I will be exposed to the author and they will be compensated (as long as I can read 10% of it).

So I am excited. I signed up for the free month, and after I publish this, I am headed to bed to read something new on my Kindle Paperwhite

Sign up for kindle unlimited here.

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