League of Legends Summoner: Janna

Why I Play Janna

Original source: http://justduet.deviantart.com/art/janna-366047571

Original source: http://justduet.deviantart.com/art/janna-366047571

I have been playing League of Legends for about a year, and only as a casual player – nothing seriously intense like ranked games. I know lots of people play the game as if someone is going to take away their birthday if they don’t completely dominate the game. I would rather not play a game that is a steamroll – what’s the fun in that? Instead I like the challenge of an even match and being able to really affect the game through smart plays and clever interrupts.

I am also not the type of player that thrives on the kill ratio of the ADC. Don’t get me wrong, the thrill of playing an ADC and playing it well is pretty amazing, but I tend to play better when playing a supportive role. However, I still like to do damage – and that is why Janna is my character of choice.

Janna Summoner Spells for Bot Support

Built for AP damage, a Janna support can be super helpful. First of all she gives a passive movement speed boost to all of her teammates. It might not seem like much, but it can mean the difference between getting away and becoming a smudge in the lane.

When playing as a support to bot, I start with the Howling Gale.   This is actually contrary to what most people build, but I like the choice the most. The whirlwind does magic damage and knocks the enemies in the air. The amount of knockup time and damage depends on how long the spell preps – increasing as it preps – but even a short spurred gale can disable an opponent for a critical moment.   If nothing else, the tornados serve as a constant aggravation to the opposing players.

The next spell I choose is the Eye of the Storm. This shield will protect an ADC and increase their attack damage. This can obviously be crucial for an attacking ADC and the shield can potentially keep them in lane longer. As another benefit, the spell can shield a turret against enemy attacks, causing it to be harder to break it down. This is helpful if you are waiting for your ADC to return while protecting the turret.

Finally I will choose the Zephyr. This is actually one of my favorite Janna spells, but I don’t get to use it as much as I would like because the range is a little shallow. Like an ADC Janna is squishy and can’t take a lot of damage, so getting up close and personal can be dangerous. The Zephyr spell will do damage and additionally slow the movement speed of the opponent it is cast on.

Finally I take the ultimate as quickly as I can. When cast Janna surrounds herself with a healing aura and it also pushes back the enemy. Clearly this is useful when your team is low on health – but the knockback can be essential in team fights. as it will interrupt opponent spells such as Amumu’s and Fiddlesticks’ Ultimate – which are typically a death sentence.

Building AP Janna – Bot Support

I previously stated that I build Janna as AP. This is because she will never be really tanky she just doesn’t have the innate health points for that, but her abilities can make it so that going up against her as a support can be dangerous. My favorite items to build for her are 1) An Ancient coin 2) Rylai’s Crystal Sceptor 3) Rod of Ages 4) Rabadon’s Death cap 5) Ionian boots of Lucidity/Mercury Treads, my sixth item always kind of depends on how the match is going. I might want to build more AP or more magic resist.

If you are familiar with the items listed, you can see that the scepter increases health and ability power and slow the enemy (you just can’t get away from Janna!) while the other items increase AP. I build in some Magic resist depending on the situation. The Ancient coin is because as the support you shouldn’t be getting many minion kills, and the extra 2 gold helps get you the coins you need to complete your build. These aren’t the best choices based on numbers, stats and ratios – but they are the best choices for me and my playing style.

League of Legends is a great game for entertainment and strategy. It’s important to not take it so seriously, it should be first and foremost fun. I am not saying my views on playing Janna are the greatest, but they are efficient and even more, they are fun – for me.

Summoner it all up

If you want to know more about playing League of Legends, I would first suggest downloading the game here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/ it can take over an hour to download the original game and then the updates. While you are downloading the game, you can get an idea on the basics and how to succeed with minimal errors by downloading a guide created by Ciderhelm available here.  A little bit of time spent figuring the game out before jumping in feet first will pay off dividends as you get accustomed to the game style.


In the meantime please entertain yourself with this video – it’s a little dated, but still funny.

gl hf gg!

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