Bored With Vanilla? Try a Minecraft Launcher

Bored With Vanilla? Try a Minecraft Launcher

A Review on three different minecraft launchers

Minecraft_Creeper_400x400Minecraft is a blocky indie game made by Swedish Programmer Markus “Notch” Persson. Made on May 17, 2009, Minecraft is a game that allows people to create worlds by ‘mining’ blocks and building from the supplies they have gathered. Minecraft has sold over 14.3 million copies on PC, over 10 million on the Xbox 360, and over 1 million copies on Play Station 3. The purpose of the game is only limited by the imagination of its players.

Minecraft is highly adaptable – many people have created their own minecraft worlds and allowed other players access to them through servers. You can join servers where players face one another in a hunger games style battle or where they try to allude the ‘cops’ in a version of Cops and Robbers. Standard Minecraft is called ‘Vanilla’ and is the base of the game, but developers can create their own modifications (‘Mods’) and resource packs that will allow new blocks to be mined and used. Many different mods have been created, and they all require their own launcher to access the game.

The first minecraft launcher that I became interested in was called Tekkit. Tekkit was made 2010, and people adopted it quickly. Tekkit is exactly how it sounds: Techy! A little magic here and there, but people normally use tech mods included in the launcher. BuildCraft is a mod pack that allows the user to build factories that will move resources across the maps and build tools and structures. The mod pack explores engineering concepts using factors such as mass, speed, and power. IndustrialCraft adds machines and different power sources to Minecraft, and Equivalent Exchange adds transmutation, advanced alchemy and dark matter to the mix. The Tekkit Launcher also allows you to play other mod packs made by people who have created mods and submitted them for use.

The second launcher was made by a youtuber named TheAtlanticCraft. The Voids Wrath Launcher includes Crazy Craft, Dream Craft, and Aetheric Crusade. Crazy Craft is one of my favorites, in this mod, you never know what is going to happen – you might turn into a cow, or have to shoot your way out of a sea of Krakens. They also have Jurassic Craft, Fellowship Craft, and Dream Craft. You can join the fun on the servers hosted by Voids Wrath and play with others in the Craziness. So when wanting to play a minecraft launcher that is a bit more magical, choose Atlantic Craft’s Voids Wrath Launcher!

Last but not least, Feed the Beast is a minecraft launcher that gives you access to a variety of mod packs equally based on magic and tech. So if you choose, you can build a factory and then progress through it RPG style. Feed the Beast is the youngest launcher of all major launchers of Minecraft. Many youtubers will use the mod packs for their minecraft video series. There you can get new ideas for items you might want to build in your worlds or that you might encounter in other worlds.

To conclude, Minecraft is a game that is fun as a vanilla install, but it is able to be modified and altered to make your gameplay more exciting! So when you get bored with your initial vanilla world, check out a minecraft  launcher and expand your horizons.

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