Okie Dokie Artichokie! Delightful Eating Recipes

Okie Dokie Arthichokie!

Delightful Eating and Fabulous Recipes

The cooking adventures of a single mom


‘What’s for Dinner!’  This is the phrase I hear everyday when we all get home from the long day.  It’s hard to work, help with homework, keep the house clean, and cook dinner.  Additionally, surprisingly enough I do not have a natural interest in cooking.  But take out is expensive, and healthy take out is non-existent.

So I am challenging myself this summer to find new and delightful ways to cook healthy meals that are within my budget.  I have a handful of recipe books that I will try and likely adapt to my use.  This will be a summer adventure like no other.  If you ask anyone, I am the girl who burns water. Literally.

And that is just the start, I want to cook recipes from all of the latest popular diets.  There are so many out there, and I believe that diet longevity starts with finding one that you will enjoy.  Diets shouldn’t have to be bland or unfulfilling.  It probably doesn’t mean bread smothered in tomato sauce covered in cheese and sausage either.

There are several different diets in the headlines lately.  One of them that interests me particularly is the Paleo diet.  Generally speaking, it follows the ideal that we should eat as the Cavemen ate – only eating things which could be hunted or gathered.  This means no dairy (Cheese!) or grains (Bread!).  It will be a challenge to follow this diet, but it might be worth it, most people report a weight loss while they are following it, and the reduction of processed foods has to be healthier for you.

So hears to eating healthy and my adventures in cooking!



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