Orange Is the New Black – Are you ready for Season 2?

Season 2 available June 6th

Season 2 available June 6th

Piper and the ‘Ladies’ are Back

Orange is the New Black, an original Series from Netflix – created by Jenji Kohan, is set to return on June 6th. Unlike traditional television seasons, Netflix releases the entire season at one time – this means that die hard fans will have consumed the whole season by the end of that weekend – sitting on their couches in one large binge watching session.

The story is an adaptation from the memoir of Piper Kerman –Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. Based on her experience in Prison, Kerman writes about her trials in learning to navigate socioeconomic intricacies of the penal system. The adaptation features the same characters, with Piper Kerman being the main focus. The show is an adaptation of the book in that it takes the general real-life scenario and characters and enhances them for the shock and awe that we expect from Jenji Kohan(who also created Weeds).

When we last saw Piper(played by Taylor Schilling) in Season 1 – she was coming towards the end of her sentence, had made amends with some of her cell mates and alienated others. With Secret Santa looming and the festivities of a Christmas Pageant occurring, Piper finds herself face to face with Pennsatucky (played by Taryn Manning). The tension has built up over the entire season between Pennsatucky and Piper, and when she finds herself backed into a corner, completely alone and without recourse she fights back. In a scene similar to the ass whoppin delivered by Archie in the Christmas story Piper lets her inner inmate out.

We will have to wait to see how seriously hurt Pennsatucky is until Season 2 is released on June 6th. The season sneek peaks also hint at a new cast of characters that will be entering the prison. I know what I will be doing on June 6th – what about you?

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