The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap/Season 5 Preview

The Walking Dead – Season 4 recap & Season 5 Preview Beware of Spoilers If you are like me, and this holiday weekend (for me four days!) was fairly uneventful because everyone you know is out of town, you might have sat around all weekend (but only 3 days) and watched the Dead, White, and […]

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars – Melissa’s Secret?

What is Melissa Hiding Looking for the latest information on Melissa’s Secret? Check out this post – A Dark Ali to Melissa’s Secret for a look into the Summer #FAtaleFinale This week We will see our Pretty Little Liars continue to struggle with the return of Alison DiLaurentes. Looks like she wants to resume her […]

How to Start a Minecart in Minecraft

How to guide on Minecarts in Minecraft Minecarts are used in Minecraft to move players or things across long distances.  It can be extremely useful when you are building a structure in a biome that doesn’t have the items you need to craft.  If you setup a mine rail in a biome where you are […]

Minecraft Tour – Skyscraper

Take a tour of a Minecraft Skyscraper Approximately six months ago I convinced a friend to try playing minecraft with me.  Like me, he was skeptical about how fun it would be if he were to play it, but then quickly found it to be addicting.  I am not sure what it is about minecraft […]

Classic Beauty – Perfecting Foundation

Foundation Without Feeling Weighed Down Summers in Phoenix can be brutal on your skin and it seems like you have to re-apply your makeup every hour. The other option is having the makeup clump into your pores as it interacts with the oils created by your skin in the hot weather. I end up avoiding […]

Girl Scout Cookies 4

What Can A Cookie Do? Every year you see them go out in their little uniforms and their pigtails, ringing doorbells and standing outside of supermarkets. They talk about what they are trying to accomplish, they talk about their goals, they talk about what they will do with the proceeds from the sales, and then […]

Solar Roadways – Yes? No? Maybe So?

Solar Roadways – A powerful aspiration Lets start with something smaller Solar Roadways Inc is a startup created by Scott and Julie Brusaw to develop solar power panels that can be used for covering the vast amount of roadways that make up the infrastructure of the country. The Brusaws think the panels could do even […]

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars – Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 – Surfing the Aftershocks SPOILER WARNING! We wrote a few weeks ago about the excitement around Pretty Little Liars returning for Season 5.  I tried my best not to reveal anything about the last four seasons in that.  Season 5 has been keeping up with all the intrigue that we […]

NASA Discovers New Winds Around Supermassive Black Hole

Escaping a Supermassive Black Hole? NASA says it COULD be possible This summer I plan on taking a trip – a REALLY long trip to NGC 5548, and hey why not, its only 245 Million light years away. Okay, so I might not be really going that far on my summer vacation – because well, […]

NG 1566 a Spiral Seyfert Galaxy

PewDiePie – Comic or Joke?

PewDiePie When the Wall Street Journal does an Article on you – Have you made it to the big leagues? PewDiePie is a ‘YouTuber’ and has the number one subscribed channel on YouTube. Boasting over 27 million subscribers its reported that he makes over 4 million a year off of the youtube ad revenues. The […]