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This week We will see our Pretty Little Liars continue to struggle with the return of Alison DiLaurentes. Looks like she wants to resume her position as the Queen B at Rosewood High, but the other girls are not to excited about the idea. Alison is headed back to school, and Aria Montgomery continues to struggle with her actions in New York City. We are also going to continue to be lured further into the story about Melissa’s Secret.

So lets look at Melissa Hastings a little further.  In Season 1, We were introduced to Melissa as Spencer Hastings’ older sister who is going to grad school at Wharton.  She returns home and announces an engagement to the charming Wren Kim – Who Spencer cant seem to stay away from.  Its not a new thing for Spencer to be into her sister’s boyfriends though – we saw that she had a fleeting fling with Ian Thomas as well, a secret that Alison held over Spencer. Ian and Melissa end up eloping and getting pregnant.  There is something odd about the relationship though, and it never seems like we get the full story of what the complete history is.  We do know that Melissa was in Alison’s bedroom the night of her murder with Ian, Garrett Reynolds and Jenna Marshall.

As we gain closure over Ian’s suspected ‘A’ status, Melissa cozies up to Garrett.  Garrett is involved with Jenna, and of course there is a swirl of secrecy around that pair as well.  In the end we find out that Melissa lost her baby after Ian’s funeral, and faked that the pregnancy was continuing.  Mrs. Hastings, and Garrett were aware of the miscarriage.

Melissa plays a large part in many of the encounters with ‘A’ that our Pretty Little Liars have had. She was dressed up as  The Black Swan at the masquerade ball, and was one of the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween Mystery Train.  I don’t know about you, but I feel like the answers Melissa gave for being the Black Swan and the Queen of Hearts lacked substance and seemed to be half truths.

We start to see that Melissa and her father know something about the night that Alison disappeared.  Initially the thought is that she knows that Spencer hit Alison that night, but it seems like there could be something more.  This season we see her wanting to speak out about something, but Mr. Hastings continues to stonewall.  In the first episode of Season 5 Melissa interrupts Mona Vanderwhaal’s gathering of the misfits – and we know that they have a closer relationship than what was previously understood.

In this week’s sneak peek for season 5 episode 4, Thrown from the Ride, Spencer tries to talk to her mom about Melissa and her dad, but Mrs. Hastings wants nothing to do with it.  She only wants to focus on things that are within their control.  But Spencer is tenacious, and we know she wont let it go.

What are your theories for Melissa’s Secret?  Do you think she knows who the unknown girl in Alison’s grave is?  Do you think she had a hand in Mrs. DiLaurentes’ murder? Do you think we know all about the secrets she kept with Ian, and where exactly does Wren fit into all of this?  So many moving parts – and Melissa seems to know more about the puzzle than any of our other players.

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