Pretty Little Liars’ 100th Episode

Caleb, Toby, Jenna, Mona + 1 girl in a box.

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Pretty Little Liars

The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars airs on July 8th, and word on the street have it that there are going to be some pretty big shenanigans going around. The previews reveal that there are some juicy tidbits happening and things are going to be revealed. Honestly to me it doesn’t look like an hour will be enough!

Let’s break them down.

Alison goes back to school

Last episode we heard from Ali that she wanted to go back to school. Looks like this week she is headed back to Rosewood high. This presents a special challenge to our PLLs because they are dealing with keeping the secret of Ali’s ‘Abduction’, ShAuna’s death, and the turmoil of what it means that Ali is back. It’s especially hard for Hanna because when Ali disappeared she did the complete makeover with MonA and filled the pretty tall blonde popular girl hole that Ali had left. The girls all band together though, and they are ready to support Alison in everything she needs to acclimate to the school’s new social structure. Oh and don’t forget in last week’s episode, we see it going down between Ali and MonA- MEE-OWW!

Caleb Returns

I have to admit there seems to have been a hole in the cast since Caleb left. Hanna hasn’t really been able to connect with anyone since. I guess this means I need to watch Ravenswood – because the whole picture of alive people being dead was never closed for me. All the same, his return might not be the only Ravenswood person we see coming back. Can you say Mrs. Grunwald? I don’t understand why she was ever part of the story – it makes no sense WHY she pulled Ali out of the shallow grave. I thought it was promotion for Ravenswood that died.. but maybe not. However, we were talking about Caleb returning – which he does this week in the 100th Episode. Here’s hoping Hanna and Caleb rekindle their romance.

Toby resurfaces

I never quite understand where Toby goes. It’s like Spencer puts him away in her boyfriend jar, and she releases him whenever…. Well whenever there is a plot point to be made I guess. In the Sneak Peek released by ABCFamily we get to see Spencer having a conversation with Toby in her (gorgeous) kitchen. They are discussing the return of Alison and the feeling that Spencer has that it was her father who killed Mrs. D, how it’s hard to see Alison as a victim, and how it’s OK to shut someone out if they are toxic. Just then he gets a phone call from Jenna…..

Which means – JennA is Back too

As the phone is ringing Toby tells Spencer that he hasn’t heard from Jenna since she moved to New York. Uh What? Did I miss this snippet somewhere previously? From the look on Spencer’s Face the answer is no. We will see JennA grappling with the death of ShAuna, and she definately seems to have an Agenda.

Who is in the box?

No one knows – Yet – But sources are saying that we are going to find out who was buried in Alison’s grave. We are also going to come back to Radley – maybe a lot in the next few episodes. There is something juicy going on here.

Do you have theories? Leave comments and we can wonder about all the A’s together.

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