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Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 Episode 6

Will it be Explosive or a Yawn?

Pretty Little Liars
Last week’s 100th Episode of Pretty Little Liars was action packed. Ali went back to school, was chased into a church, had a show down with Mona, made out with Emily, and was by Mona resulting in her status as a pariah skyrocketing.

Aria got it on with Ezra in what might have been the sexiest scene in PLL ever. She also had a heart to heart with Jenna over the death of Shauna (though she didn’t fess up to the truth of how that happened).

Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce, and it doesn’t look like it will be friendly.

Hanna ran into Caleb, and then went to a party, got completely smashed, and ignored her boyfriend. It was announced that the girl found in Alison’s grave was Bethany Young (who?) and then everything exploded – literally Jenna’s house was bombed.

They managed to pack all of that into an hour. So what can they possible do this week? It clearly will not be as exciting, but will it be downright boring? The trailer shown last week makes it seem like it won’t be a complete yawn, but the sneak peeks released ABC Family hint otherwise.


Pretty Little Liars Official Trailer – Season 5 Episode 6


So A is clearly back. We knew that at the end of last episode when all the cell phones went off. Also, our whole gamut of Liars were together when it happened. Aria and Ezra, Hanna and Caleb, Spencer and Toby, and Emily and Alison – they all watched the announcement about Bethany Young, and then ran outside post explosion – so that means that none of them are A, right? Well not definitively. Bombs can clearly be set on a timer – and text messages too, so no one if off the hook here.

We also see in this trailer that there will be more direct A encounters. Looks like A is back with the messages. Aria is spooked about it getting out that she killed Shauna, and We also see A dragging something down the road, turning off a light in the DiLaurentes house, and sneaking up behind Alison with a crowbar. Looks exciting right?

Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 Episode 6 – Sneak Peek #1


In the first sneak peek we see Hanna completely blowing off Travis. She explores what she did at the party and was surprised that she had been on the phone all night trying to call (Caleb) someone. It also looks like Travis is part of CampMona – commenting that he thinks Ali was the one who bullied Mona in the video floating around school. Hana defends Alison –saying not to believe everything you see. But – Yawn.

Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 Episode 6 – Sneak Peek #2


In the next sneak peek we see Spencer returning to Radley, presumably to get more information from Eddie Lamb about Bethany Young. They exchange pleasantries and agree that it wasn’t a coincidence that Bethany Young was found in the DiLaurentes lawn. I don’t know what else to say about this scene other than – Yawn. Maybe the parts before and after it will be more interesting.


Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 Episode 6 – Sneak Peek #3


In the final sneak peek we see Mr. Hastings trying to get information from Spencer about why Mrs. Hastings and Spencer have moved out. Spencer is clearly trying to avoid the answer but finally confesses that they know he lied about where he and Melissa (another Melissa Secret!) the night that Mrs. DiLaurentes died. It’s a juicy tidbit of information – that we learned last week, so its not really explosive news. Yep – Yawn.

What’s a Girl to Do? Spread Rumors of Course!

I hate for things on Pretty Little Liars to seem boring, and what could you expect other than an anticlimactic follow up to the 100th episode.   So let’s try some theories.

There has been a theory floating around that the girl in the grave was a twin of either Alison or Jason – basically a sibling. With the announcement that the girl had escaped from Radley – she would have been a deranged sibling (especially since forever seems a really long time for anyone to stay at Radley). But what if the girl in Alison’s grave is – well Alison? Could it be possible that the Alison we see today is the Twin, who had escaped Radley, killed her twin sister, made her mom cover it up, and is exacting her revenge on all of her dead twin’s friends because of the normal life that was taken away from her? Hmmm? It might be far-fetched – but something to think about – and something that could unfold over a couple of seasons. Still, if this is a correct theory, then I don’t think that the Ali-alike is A – but probably the only one who knows who the Uber-A really is. What are your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars – Explosive or Yawn?

    • Aharilyn Post author

      Then she could be Jason’s twin, but with it being PLL there are all sorts of documents that could have been misrepresented. She escaped from Radley – they are the epitome of incompetence.

        • Aharilyn Post author

          So I am really back to it being Alison’s twin. IF there is a twin.. Incompetent documentation/Forged documentation with Mrs. DiLarentes being on the board at Radley. And if that’s the case, the twist being that Alison is the dead one, and Bethany is faking being Alison.

          What are your theories?