Pretty Little Liars – Maintaining the Buildup

Pretty Little Liars – building up to a Big ReveAl.

Pretty Little Liars
After watching the previews for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 9, I am feeling a little underwhelmed. Named ‘March of Crimes’ episode 9 seems to be laying the groundwork for episodes to come. That means there is a really big explosive lie revealing episode in the works, but we don’t get to see it yet.  The momentum is building though!

March of Crimes Airs Tuesday August 5th on ABCFamily


Our group is falling apart

Alison catches up with Hanna in the Choir room and while she seems to be making nice, Hanna doesn’t want any part of it. Rightly so, since Alison staged a break in at the Marin house last week to try and lend a little bit of credibility to her kidnapping story. Hanna has bigger things to worry about, and stomps out of the room just as Jenna enters it. Alison sticks around to talk to her, and Jenna mentions that no one seemed to realize that Jenna was back – since she hadn’t come back from the dead. Poor Jenna – upstaged by Alison. But, that’s not the main point. The main point is Alison is starting to feel the impacts of her behavior and Jenna is back, which is all leading up to something to come.


He’s a Sleeze

Last week Hanna sought our Aria to tell her about her encounters with her soon to be step dad, but Aria wouldn’t listen. Having tried to do the right thing, Hanna seems to be continuing her drinking as she plops down in Caleb’s living room and opens a beer. She confesses to Caleb what happened with Zack, and Caleb looks concerned.   The buildup for Hanna’s continued drinking doesn’t seem like it’s going to come to its shock and awe moment this week, so instead let’s focus on Caleb. He’s looking a little scroungy – and in a peek picture released his tee-shirt seems to match his living arrangements. He seems to be channeling his inner King of the Hill these days.

The heat is on

Detective Tanner seems to be getting closer to cracking the mystery of Alison’s lies as she brings the girls in for questioning. She question’s Aria about her relationship with Ezra, and while that really (REALLY) doesn’t have anything to do with the break in at the Marin’s house, she implies that it might. This of course seems to make Aria super nervous because it’s a long leap from the break in at the Marin’s to her Dating Ezra, but its s very small step from Ezra being shot in New York, and Sauna being found dead in his families’ theater. Still any insights into Tanner’s case are likely to be red herrings this week, so more to come.

I swear to god, I will slit your face open

Says Spencer as she threatens someone with a fireplace poker,   Which leads me to believe that we will see a confrontation of some kind, but probably not with -A. Of Course, if it is a confrontation with –A we will all be frustrated because Spencer didn’t just pull off the mask, and any injuries inflicted during the scuffle will not be noticeable on any of our typical –A suspects. The synopsis of the episode says that the Spencer will make a discovery at the eye doctor. Last week she got something in her eye when she was attacked by the horse – so it makes sense that she goes to the doctor to take care of it. Making a connection – does she find out something about Jenna? Something like she can see again? Who knows – but it will probably not be as shocking as we are made to believe it will be.  So again, dot dot dot.

Hopefully next week will speed things up a little, but I think the next big episode with a huge reveal in it will be episode 11 when Melissa Hastings reappears, and we finally learn Melissa’s secret.



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