Pretty Little Liars – Scream for Me

Scream for me – Pretty Little Liars – Scream!

Pretty Little LiarsSeason 5 Episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars is titled scream for me, and it looks like it’s going to be a thrill ride. This episode is going to be featuring each of our liars in different situations, and dealing with the repercussions of their decisions, as well as their actions from last week’s episode.   There are some sneak peeks into A appearances too, and the Liars look terrified because of it.

The official trailer for this week’s episode shows a little bit of everything. Hanna is wet, Aria is surprised and angry, Toby is fed up, Spencer is crying, Emily is trapped. Yep – I just summed it up in 18 words.


Let’s start with the creepy

.In the trailer we see Ashley and Ali getting surprised by a shadow, which seems to be holding a knife, and is also wearing the signature all-black of A. Oh, and it’s storming. Which during the storm, it seems like someone is peeking through the Hastings’ windowed doors (though it looks to me like Toby) and clearly Hanna got stuck in it because in her confrontation with Aria she is soaked to the bone.

Speaking of confrontations

Toby and Spencer are talking in her living room (more evidence that it was Toby creeping through the window) and he says he is tired of being powerless. Not sure why he just figured that out – he hasn’t ever really done anything productive to stop A and well he’s always hiding out doing who knows what, until there is a reason for Spencer to need to work something out (said this before though). Also, Aria is seen yelling at Hana, blaming her for something, but it’s not clear as to what just yet.

Sneaking around.

We see Aria sneaking around Radley and getting a surprise, where we get the classic Aria wide eye expression. This look is all I ever ask for, so we could end the episode right now and I would be satisfied. However, there is even more. Looks like Spencer and Emily go sneaking into one of those properties that surround Rosewood that lead to nothing by trouble (greenhouse anyone?) and get a fright from A.



While we are talking about Sneaking around

A sneak peek shows more on the scene where Aria is sneaking around Radley. Turns out she is returning the Bethany’s sketchbook that she borrowed from under the mattress of Rhonda. Just as she gets the book back into place, Rhonda walks into her room and discovers her red handed. All wide-eyed and innocent looking Aria tells a story about wanting to see more of the sketches that a staff member told her were hidden under the bed. She makes to leave, and Rhonda stops her. She tells Aria that she can forget that she ever saw Aria there, but that it was going to cost her. Do Radley inmates need cigarettes?

While we are telling stories

Looks like the girls are working on damage control after Hanna’s inebriated slip about being in New York. Emily finds our new mystery girl in the locker room and thanks her for taking care of Hanna the night before. She tells her that Hanna gets ‘blotto’ after a couple of sips of alcohol and begins telling wild stories about things that never happened. She probes to see if Sydney was invited to ‘Go back to New York’ too, laughing and saying she has never even been to New York with Hanna. Sydney plays it all cool and collected and says she doesn’t recall Hanna even mentioning New York. Strike One for the Liars.

Strike Two or Foul Ball?

The next sneak peek shows Alison talking to Hanna, who apologizes for her behavior the night before. That’s cool, because then Alison drops that her dad is going out of town, but it’s likely A won’t let her leave. She asks if she can stay at the Marin’s so she won’t have to stay at home alone. Hanna seems hesitant and says she will ask her mom, which we know happens because the trailer shows Ashley Marin walking with Alison through the house when A attacks. Poor Emily, Alison is already moving on to other friends.

Getting benched

The final sneak peak gives a view of Hanna standing at her locker rummaging through it for whatever (that thing is a mess).  Spencer and Emily are walking up talking about trying to find out what Hanna said to Sydney (a lead into the locker room scene?) A beer can falls out of the locker, and the girls confront Hanna about it. Hanna doesn’t want to hear any of it, blowing off their concern on Caleb’s behavior instead of her own. Looks like it’s going to be the beginning of the end for Hanna and her drinking. As an observation, Hanna is wearing the same thing in all of the previews – so the scene where Aria and Hanna argue is later because Hanna is wet from the storm, and it was sunshine in the morning when Hanna talked to Alison.



So I am looking forward to this week’s PLL.  Not sure what all the surprises are going to be, but I think there will be some since the sneak peeks were pretty robust in their information.  I am still waiting to find out more about Melissa’s Secret.  Its been awhile since we have really seen her this season, and rumor have it that everything with her will clear up before the finale.


Also if you didn’t catch it during the video previews you can sign up for exclusive texts from A by texting the Word Pretty to 462223.  This was quite a stir on twitter last week with people who couldn’t figure out how to join.  I found a site on the web that allowed you to sign up for several ABCFamily shows – PLL being one of them – but obviously sending a tect to get a text is easier.


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