Who is -A? Season 2 Suspect List 4

Pretty Little Liars

Who is -A? Season 2 Suspect List

The idealistic town of Rosewood is the home of the characters of Pretty Little Liars. A story of friendship and family, deception and death, Pretty little Liars follows the lives of five friends, one of which mysteriously disappears. The friends are physically, emotionally, and electronically bullied by a character who signs all their messages -A. Throughout the season(s), many different people are suspected and then dismissed as being the person (or persons) responsible for the turmoil that the Liars are subjected to. This is the guide to the suspects of Pretty Little Liars Season 2 and which episode they became (in my opinion) a suspect. It picks up where the Season 1 Suspects left off, so make sure you check that out first!
Pretty Little Liars - Season 2 Suspects

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