Pretty Little Liars Season 5!

Pretty Little Liars Season Five

A return to Rosewood – June 10th

Pretty Little Liars

Okay so, Pretty Little Liars is coming back on tomorrow, and I wanted to give you the low down on what it is. This is the thrilling mystery story of four friends who are trying to recover from the loss of their friend Alison. Each girl has her own personality and brings something different to the group. Alison was the keeper of all their secrets.

The show starts with the night that Alison disappears. The girls are at a sleep over and when they wake up, Alison is gone. Without their leader, the group of friends drifts apart. A year later, they return to school and reunite when they begin getting text messages and written notes in their lockers threatening to expose all their secrets. The girls begin to think that Alison is alive – but NO! Her body is found in her old backyard.

The girls are continually tormented by ‘A’ as the villain in the story consistently signs the messages and the girls begin digging into the mystery of who ‘A’ could be. Their individual and shared secrets lead them in many different directions and just as they think they know who it is, another twist in the story reveals that everything not all that it seems.

Over the past four seasons, ‘A’ has been found to have several helpers that either have motives against the four friends for a reason or are being threatened by ‘A’ as well. EVERYONE has secrets, and since everyone is convinced that keeping their secrets a secret is the best path forward, the girls find themselves lying to cover for each other, for their families, for their friends, and even for their enemies!

This year, hopefully the head ‘A’ will be revealed, as well as some of the deeper secrets of the friends. Maybe this year there will be questions answered as well, but they will likely only lead to MORE questions! Whatever happens, it will be a rollercoaster of a ride!

Alison DiLaurentes is the ‘Queen B’ of the group – and the girl who ends up dead. Was it because of the secrets she knew – and what secret was it that got her killed?

Aria Montgomery is the girl with the retro flair. She gets along with everyone, and is often the peace maker in the group.
Spencer Hastings is the smart sporty girl with the richest family. Her older sister Melissa lives in Philadelphia and plays a crucial part in the story as well.

Emily Fields is the sporty girl being the best swimmer in the school. Her parents are both from the military and her father is often deployed.

Hanna Marin was the outcast of the group before Alison’s death – a year after the disappearance she had gotten a complete makeover by losing a lot of weight and finding a flair for fashion.

There are other characters, friends and family that all play intricate roles and are the reasons why the girls make the decisions they do for the sake of ‘keeping secrets’.

Who is your favorite Character, and who do you think ‘A’ Really is?


Notes from Mom

Pretty Little Liars is a teenage drama that deals with the concepts of telling lies, keeping secrets, family turmoil (divorce, infidelity, single mothers), sexual orientation, and all of the other pitfalls of high school. While the show comes on ABC family, parents should take note to watch the series and decide if it is appropriate for their children (daughter). Like any teenage drama, it brings to the front many of the issues that teenagers deal with in their minds. The main characters often get themselves in to unpredictable situations, and often points out the miscommunications that can occur between people when when they are not actively listening to each other. Its a cute enough show, and I understand its draw on its target audience. I sure wish that the fashion the girls wear was more realistic – not everyone can have a full fashion wardrobe!

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