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Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 7

Turning up the heat

Pretty Little Liars

It’s Pretty Little Liars time, and Season 5 Episode 7 picks up where episode 6 left off, and it looks like the Liars are starting to get their sleuth on. Seems like they might be putting on their dancing shoes (otherwise known as a lie avoider) as well. It’s also rumored that the show’s most Epic Kiss will happen.

The Epic Kiss

I have to address this first. How can it be that an Epic Kiss can happen? Have we forgotten about all the hot kisses between Toby and Spencer? And the 100th’s episode coupling of Emily and Alison was pretty epic too. But even better than Emilson is the kiss between Emily and Maya. The recent ‘slip’ between Aria and Ezra was pretty awesome too. So what does Epic mean? There has been mention of a kiss between Alison and Caleb. While this actually makes my stomach turn, it could be potentially epic in terms of scandal. If it’s really and truly passionate it could be a major turning point for the show, and would likely stoke the fires of Hanna’s drinking issues.

Aria Undercover

No, I don’t mean the steamy scene of Aria and Ezra – which deserves mention again, but rather her decision to become a volunteer at Radley. This week’s episode is named The Silence of E. Lamb. This could be a reference to the fake identity that Toby used to get in and out of Radley (tie in to mom anyone), but more likely that it’s a reference to Eddie Lamb, the orderly that has been at Radley for a long while and placed the drawing outside of Ezra’s door in Episode 6. Aria is going undercover to Radley this week and will have a run in with the secret keeper of Radley.

Let’s Dance

Mrs. Fields is back, and she asks Emily to invite Alison over for dinner. She wants to be a solid rock for Alison to lean on, but how can you trust an adult that is just as absent as your own father? She also wants the other Little Liars to join them for dinner. Oh Holy Hell, what is going to happen with 5 Liars trapped in a room with an adult? Guess we will have to see. Also, while it might be inconsequential, this sneak peek has a guy in the background (the one with the top ponytail) that seems a little too interested in the conversation.

How much equipment do you need!?!

At Aria’s request, Spencer goes to Ezra’s to help cart away the surveillance equipment that he used to spy on the girls. When we see how much equipment he has, well really, I think there was more equipment than apartment! After a short conversation with Ezra, she starts hauling the incriminating equipment away. Ezra’s not able to pick up heavy things, so she determines where all the equipment goes. Some of it could be useful to the girls, whatever will Spencer do?

All in all – it looks like Episode 7 will start to dial things back up after last week’s lull. We are only 7 episodes in, looks like it’s gonna be a great season!

Pretty Little Liars 5×07 The Silence of E.Lamb airs Tuesday July 22, on ABCFamily.




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