Pretty Little Liars – Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 – Surfing the Aftershocks


Pretty Little Liars

We wrote a few weeks ago about the excitement around Pretty Little Liars returning for Season 5.  I tried my best not to reveal anything about the last four seasons in that.  Season 5 has been keeping up with all the intrigue that we expect from PLL.  Below I give a short recap of the first two episodes of Season 5 and a sneak peek into what we can expect from this week’s episode.  SPOILER ALERT WARNING for those who have not yet watched the first two episodes of Season Five!

Now that Alison is back, the girls are trying to get their balance in a world that has been turned upside down. This week they will continue trying to make sense of new events and begin digging deeper into the mystery of who Alison has been running from. Lets recap.

Season Five, Episode 1: EscApe from New York
In the turmoil of Ezra being shot by A the girls realize that he is in grave danger, since he is the only one who knows the true identity of A.  The girls race to the hospital to make sure he is safe, and create a plan to trap A. Their plan goes wrong as, once again, A is one step ahead of them and the girls find themselves surrounded by A’s in the park.  Meanwhile, Ezra wakes up, and sees Aria, but has some sort of medical attack as he also sees Shauna standing behind Aria.  Aria calls for help and Shauna disappears.  As Alison, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily take shelter in a theater, they talk about thi8ngs that have happened and also reminisce about common things that have happened over the past years.  You can tell that Alison is upset about not having been able to participate in the everyday activities and feels left behind.  She goes off to make a phone call, and shortly after Ce Ce appears.  Alison gives her a passport and tells her that she should leave town to avoid being arrested for Detective Wilden’s murder.  The girls then find themselves face to face with Shana who we find out picked up where Mona left off because she is in love with Jenna.  While she holds a gun on them, Aria sneaks up behind her hand hits her over the head with a shotgun knocking her into the orchestra pit where she dies.  The girls are shaken up, but are also relieved because they have uncovered who A is and ‘it’s over’.  But is it?  During the Episode Mona called a meeting of all the people who Alison had tormented in the past including Paige and Lucas. Paige is about to opt out of Mona’s new plan, but then Melissa shows up.  What is Melissa hiding, and what is Mona’s new plan?

Season Five, Episode 2:  Whirly Girly
After the confrontation with Shauna as A the girls head back to Rosewood.  They all agreed that they would head straight for the Police station and tell them everything, how Alison was running from A, how A had tortured them over the last few years, and they would also tell them about Aria killing Shana in New York. As they walk into the Police station Alison changes her mind and blurts out that she was kidnapped, and she had just barely escaped with the help of her friends.  The rest of the girls are bewildered and are not sure what to do, but silently agree to follow Alison’s lead and start a new lie.  This lie is going to be hard to pull off though, because the police have a photo of Alison in Rosewood on Halloween, and she didn’t look kidnapped! The girls all head home, and Aria starts dealing with her feelings over killing Shana.  She starts to hear violins playing, in her back yard and on her ipod.  Shauna played the violin, and it freaks Aria out that she keeps hearing them.  Spencer and Emily see Jason (who has returned to Rosewood) cleaning out his car, and decide to go dumpster diving for his trash.  They find a bakery bag from a place in New York – Was he in New York at the same time they were? Alison reveals that she started the new lie because she got an anonymous text from someone letting her know they knew about what happened in New York.  We later find out that the text was sent by Mona – as part of her offense for not being bullied by Alison again.  Through the whole episode people are wondering where Alison’s mom is – wouldn’t she want to be there for her daughter- but she never turns up – until a dog digs up a hand in the back yard.  There was find Jessica DiLaurentes buried in the backyard just like Alison had been.  Oh, and did we mention Toby is back?

Season Five, Episode 3: Surfing the Aftershocks
Okay, so what will our Pretty Little Liars have in store for us this Tuesday.  Looks like we will see them continue to try and work out what having Alison back all means.  Alison and the DiLaurentes are going to have to deal with The the death of Jessica and the new question of who killed her and who she was protecting when she buried Alison alive. The girls are returning to school, where they are trying to keep a low profile, but in order to keep with Alison’s new kidnapping lie they need to confront Mona and Ezra about what happened in New York.  We are going to find Aria refusing to visit her ex – explaining that they are over and she doesn’t want to revisit the relationship.  Looks like Spencer and Melissa are going to have a face off as well – will we learn more about what Melissa is hiding and what she has against Alison? Check out this sneak peek and tell me what you think!

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