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Entertainment - Stratum Vs Main Event

It will be hard to choose between Main Event or Stratum, but this is my guide on which is better. Follow it and you just have the time of your life.

So first things first. What is Main Event? You may have heard some whispers on the street about Main Event and I am telling you that everything you heard is the truth. Main Event’ tag line is Eat, Bowl, Play and that’s just what it is – and so much more.

Gravity Ropes

Crossing the gravity ropes at Main Event

At Main Event, there are several activities you can do. They have gravity course where they secure you with rope carabineers and harnesses. Then you can walk across different obstacles while hanging from the ceiling. It is seriously scary and fun.

They have Laser Tag, where you battle it out against the other team. I have been at the top of the leader board more than once! My secret is.. I can’t tell you my secret!

Bowling at Main Event

Bowling at Main Event

There is bowling, where you can play special bowling games – we like to make monsters based on our points. They also have video games, pool and shuffle board. With the video games, you can earn tickets on your card and use those to choose prizes. The arcade has around 100 games and it’s so much fun.

Next up, Stratum. Stratum’s main focus is laser tag. The laser tag arena is much bigger than Main Event’s – you might even get lost. There are many places to hide and shoot the other team from. Stratum also has arcade. Instead of a card you get tokens, and you use those tokens on the games, but watch out they might eat your tokens! Then you get tickets from the machines and you turn them I to a ticket eater. Then you pick out prizes depending on how much tickets you had.

Laser tag at Stratum

Laser tag at Stratum

Both places are fun for their own reasons. Stratum has the bigger laser tag, but Main Event has more activities. I would suggest trying them both. Which is your favorite?



Update from Aharilyn:   Both of these places are great, kid friendly, and family oriented.  Agreed that the Laser tag at Strum is much better – the course is larger, intensely decorated and provides more of a challenge for serious gamers.  Main event has activities for the whole family outside of the Laser Tag Arena.  Both places are relatively the same in price, though you want to look for the monthly specials because paying for one round of laser tag can get expensive at a per round price.  You can find the recent promotions on each of their Websites Here:   Main Event  / Stratum.   Main event is located in Tempe, Stratum is located in Mesa.

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