Thumbs Up, Little Pup – Loveable Pets

Thumbs up little pup

Our Loveable pets –

Bearded dragons, terriers, and shepherds, Oh My!


We are a family who has FIVE friendly critters that share our home. Our lovable pets keep us company on long nights, accompany us to camping trips, provide hours of entertaining observations.  They are an integrated part of our family.

It all started with Flour – the momma alpha – A West Highland Terrier.  Then we rescued a Papilon-Dachshund mix named Oreo – The Destroyer of Worlds.  Soon after a friend needed to find a new home for a German Shepherd named Sierra – The Protector of All.  Last year we converted a large fish tank into a terrarium for our first bearded dragon which has the most insanely long name to ever be bestowed on a pet.  Her name is:  Coming to a terrarium near you, Doomagheddon2 The Re-Doomagheddoning, Rated PG-13 in 3D.  We enjoyed ‘Doom’ so much that we purchased a second bearded dragon which we named Falkor – The Luck Dragon.

Caring for so many pets has its ups and downs, and we are pretty crowded in our home.  There is constant cleanup to be done, food to be bought an distributed, and lets not even get started on the hair!  Yet, there is nothing like the devotion of a loving pet.  They provide companionship and their antics keep us on our toes.  Its interesting to watch them interact with the world, and it teaches my children lessons in responsibility.

Here you can learn bout all our loveable pets, recommended care guides, observations on behavior and stories about their escapades.  And of course Pictures.  Lots and lots of Pictures!  If you are looking for a pet of your own, there are many pet rescue shelters that help to find pets good homes.  Please think about using one of these options.