Doomagheddon – Bearded Dragon



Coming to a Terrarium Near You, Doomagheddon2 – The Redoomagheddoning  in 3D, Rated PG13

Our Bearded Dragon Doomagheddon

Our Bearded Dragon Doomagheddon

Yes, that is the name of our first bearded dragon. How did you come up with such an incredibly goofy name, you ask? Well there is a good story behind that.

Almost a year ago, my parents decided to give up on the fish tank that they had maintained for over 10 years. Its a 100 gallon tank, and is longer than it is tall. I didn’t want to maintain fish myself, so I decided it would be a terrarium. So it sat in my hallway empty for about a month waiting for the lucky reptile that would inhabit it. One day we found an itty bitty teeny weeny gecko at my work. Of course I thought that this would be the perfect pet to put in the new terrarium.

So I took it home, and we placed it in the tank, and did some research to find what they eat and how to care for them. My friend came up with the name of Doomagheddon. LordOfLightning loved it, but MsKittyKat hated it, still the name persevered. Unfortunately he little gecko lived less than a week before it went to the place where all itty bitty teeny weeny geckos go.



Doomagheddon 2  Finds a Home

Having gotten extremely interested in raising a reptile, we expanded our research to find a suitable inhabitant for the large tank. We visited Reptile Mogul Exotics and perused their selection. The bearded dragons were so very interesting, and even better they seemed interested in us. in learning more about them, we found that they are very interactive with their people and easy to handle. Other reptiles are not so tolerable of being handled.

The store had several different types of bearded dragons, there were citrus, leatherbacks, translucent, and the typical bearded dragons. I chose a small dragon that had some orange undertones. The dragon I chose was small, in the picture you can see it fit in a small plastic container. We brought it home, and setup the terrarium with rabitt pellets as substrate, a Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp 100 Watts. We also purchased some small structures for it to bask on or hide in.

Doomagheddon when she was just a hatchling bearded dragon

Doomagheddon when she was just a hatchling bearded dragon

That’s when we named it.  As a joke it was mentioned that it should be named ‘Doomagheddon2 – The redoomagheddoning’.  Soon someone added the ‘in 3D part’.  As you can imagine, Ms.KittyKat hated the name even more the second time, but she decided to play along – adding ‘coming to a terrarium near you’ and the ‘rated PG-13’ part.  And THAT is how we now own a bearded dragon with a seriously crazy and long name.

Bearded Dragon Lethargy Isn’t Normal

When Doomagheddon was approximately 3 months old, she became very lethargic, often choosing to sleep on the dark side of the terrarium.  We watched her very closely, and did alot of research to see if she was going through a period of brumation.  She showed all the signs, but it seemed like she was way too young to be doing so.  Then one day we noticed there was a lump of what seemed to be regurgitated food in the terrarium.  We started looking for a vet right away.

We found that she had a coccidia infection.  Coccidia is a type of parasite that naturally reside in the intestines of bearded dragons, but when stressed the lizards ability to control them is compromised and the dragon becomes ill.  The only way to treat is is by contacting a veterinarian.  We took her to Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital.  They diagnosed her quickly, provided us instructions on how to treat her, and also gave us instructions for treating the other dragons in the house Gir and Falkor. They were amazing.  The doctor also told us that SHE was a HE.  Oops!  I still call Doom a girl – she its just never felt right to think she was a he.  Our second bearded dragon Falkor is much smaller yet much more aggressive than Doom.

Feeding A Bearded Dragon

For the first six months we fed her a mix of greens testing to see which one she responded to best.  We found that she gets really excited about dandelion greens.  We also fed her crickets and Live Superworms.  We dusted the crickets every morning with Zoo Med Calcium Without Vitamin D3 Reptile Food to help its bones grow strong.  These last few months we learned about Dubia Roaches and how they are a more nutritious food source for bearded dragons.  They also cannot climb (so no escapees in your house) and they don’t smell anywhere near as bad as crickets.

Part of the Family

We really enjoy doom.  She wanders the house sometimes exploring and discovering new things.  When she gets tired (or cold) she will curl up near you and fall asleep.  She is calm when you handle her, and will even climb onto your hand when you reach into the terrarium.  If you are considering a low maintenance pet for your home, I would recommend a bearded dragon.  Ours have been a joy, and have been teaching the kids about pets outside of the typical array of dogs and cats.