Flour – The Momma Alpha

West Highland Terrier - Flour

West Highland Terrier – Flour

West Highland Terrier – Flour

Who wears the pants in the family?

In 2005 we were oodling all the puppies in a pet store. I always told myself that I would never purchase a dog from a store, only from rescues. But, my family and I wandered into one because, well, puppies are cute! We walked by a window which contained a very sassy west highland terrier. I have always admired this breed for their intelligence, size, and temperament. Since I had some time to kill, I asked to have the puppy brought out.

She was as sassy with us in the play room as she had been in the window. She was a lightning bolt wrapped in white fur, and I was smitten. I noticed something wrong with her eye, and the sales guy told me that she had a genetic issue with it, and because of it she was on sale. And boy howdy she was on sale. I walked out of the store with a new westie that cost less than what I would have paid at a rescue.

On the way home the family talked about what we should name her. ‘How about snowflake?’, someone asked. ‘No that’s too predictable’, I said. We went through the gamut of typical names suggested by children, Frosty, Trixie, Sam – and then someone said ‘What about Flower, because she smells so good’. That was it, she had found her name. I responded, ‘And she prolly tastes great too, her name is Flour.’

Time has gone on, and since Flour became a part of our Family, we have rescued two other beautiful dogs – Sierra and Oreo. Even though Flour is a fraction of the size and weight of Sierra, the german shepherd, she bosses her around as if it were the other way around. All the loves belong to Flour, if you cuddle up to Oreo when she is done Flour will chase after her and give her a playful whoopin. When there is a scuffle between any of the dogs in the family (including my parent’s) Flour will get in between them and back at them. You can almost hear her yapping ‘How many times do I have to tell you! Use Your Words!’