Turbo Dismount – Game Review

TurboDismountLogoTurbo Dismount created by Mr. Dismount is a close relative of the game Stair Dismount, an app for mobile devices. Made by Secret Exit, the game features two rag doll characters – Mr. and Mrs. Dismount. You can choose between both characters and even edit their faces. Have an enemy? Get a picture of them, click on the face or bobble head option, and place the picture there. Then you can take your revenge on them – virtually.   You can play levels made by the creators of the game, or custom levels made by people like you.

Many youtubers like Pewdiepie and Markiplier have played these games and have gotten thousands, even millions of likes on their videos featuring this game.  Their reactions while playing are often hilarious, and when the character gets obliterated, they crack up. I am sure more youtubers have reviewed Turbo Dismount, but these are two are my favorites. So check out their videos when you get the chance.

Making a ragdoll game is incredibly hard, or so I’ve heard. You have to program gravity into the game, and certain physics giving the character human like characteristics. Turbo Dismount costs 6.99 on Steam and is only available for the PC. The vehicles are used to wreak havoc on highways and jump off cliffs.  They are amazingly light, flying away by a train or fast moving car or semi. My favorite vehicle is the Token Bird, and some of the vehicles poses make me laugh even before the character is tossed into oncoming traffic.

To conclude, Turbo Dismount is a violent game, but doesn’t include blood, guts, or gore. It focuses on dark humor using abstract vehicles and player avatars. It’s really fun and funny to watch Mr. Dismount or Mrs. Dismount get hit by cars, and even watch as your mortal enemy’s face gets dispatched from its body. So when you are looking for good games on Steam, search for Turbo Dismount.

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