The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap/Season 5 Preview

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead – Season 4 recap & Season 5 Preview

Beware of Spoilers

If you are like me, and this holiday weekend (for me four days!) was fairly uneventful because everyone you know is out of town, you might have sat around all weekend (but only 3 days) and watched the Dead, White, and Blue weekend on AMC.  The weekend culminated in a sneak peek into the new season which will start in October (why does that feel so far away?).

If you aren’t aware of what The Walking Dead is………. Well okay, let’s see what I can tell you. It starts with one of the heroes, who as a police officer was shot, waking up from a coma in the hospital. He finds that the hospital seems to be empty and as he starts out to search for his family realizes that an apocalyptic zombie attack has occurred. At the start we have really very little information other than he is looking to adapt to a very sudden change in his environment and this new environment doesn’t have any rules. He meets up with some other travelers and he finds his wife, his son, his best friend, and a myriad of other people. They are banded together to help each other survive – which doesn’t always end up so well.

Okay – so that’s my general synopsis. What I really want to talk about is a recap of Season 4 , and the sneak peek into what we can expect for Season five. This post assumes you have watched up to Season 3and probably even season four. There will be SPOILERS below here if you have not – reader beware!

The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap

Longing for a simpler time

The beginning of season four opens several months from the finale of Season 3. Our group of travelers has accepted the residents of Woodbury to the prison and they are dispersed among the group – which is good because without fresh meat, they were going to need to kill a few of our favorites. Rick has decided to try a passive role at the prison by taking up a farming role where he is raising pigs and growing crops for the group. He tries to convince his son Carl to do the same, but Carl isn’t willing – he wants to be a protector.   Daryl is still being a badass and providing for the group with his hunting and scouting. Carol is looking after the group, helping clean and cook and stuff that Carol does. Glenn and Maggie have a pregnancy scare, but it turns out that she isn’t pregnant. We meet some new characters as well, including Patrick and Lizzie who will be very important later on.

The next episode – we find that Patrick has a sniffle. Well that’s what everyone assumed, but turns out its some weird highly contagious infection that eventually kills you (like in days not weeks). Patrick dies from the infection alone at night in the shower area when he reanimates you have a zombie on the inside of the prison where everyone is sleeping. Chaos ensues as people are bitten killed and reanimate almost instantly and it takes quite a bit of effort to clear out the zombies. The group then has to quarantine people who seem to also have the infection. During the cleanup/quarantine we fine Carol and Lizzie tending to Lizzie’s father who has become very sick and will die soon. Lizzie volunteers to stab him in the head before he can reanimate, but ultimately cannot do it. Carol does it instead. The show also exposes that someone has been feeding the walkers rats which is making them gather in one part of the fence instead of spread out.   Carol finds Lizzie and her sister Mika staring at the walkers in which many Lizzie has named. Tyreese goes to visit Karen who has gotten sick, and finds that she isn’t in her cell – that someone drug her and David out of the cell area and burned them.

Just stay away from me!

After the second episode airs, the groundwork is laid, and things start to move fast. The sick people including Lizzie, Glenn, and Sasha are quarantined. Darrell, Tyrese, and Michonne go scouting to a veterinary hospital to look for antibiotics and return just in time to save Glenn and Sasha. Rick discovers that it was Carol that killed Karen and David and when they go on a scouting run for medicine he bans carol from returning to the prison saying that if she returns Tyreese will kill her.

He’s back!

We then find that The Governor is still alive. Wandering along through the area he encounters a family made of two women (Lily and Tara), a young girl (Meghan), and an elderly man (David). They have been isolated in their apartment for a very long time, and The Governor tells them about the situations outside. He becomes very fond of the young girl – starting to look at her like a replacement daughter. David dies, reanimates and attacks the family and The Governor kills him. Believing they would be safe with The Governor they leave the apartment. As expected they are attacked by walkers and The Governor and Meghan are separated and fall into a walker trap hole. We then find out that some of the Woodbury residents survived and made a new group of their own. They allow The Governor and his friends to join them. The new camp is tumultuous and the leaders seem to die one after another (Right – because The Governor is back – Duh). Under the constant turmoil and some close calls with walkers The Governor decides the Prison is where they need to be, and makes plans to move in.

The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel and convinces the rest of his group to take over the prison. He leaves Lilly and Meghan along the riverbed, believing they would be safer there. He uses Michonne and Hershel as a bargaining tool to convince Rick to abandon the prison, but when Rick won’t agree he uses Michonne’s katana to cut off Hershel’s head. As the fighting ensues the prison group executes a plan of escape, but with no one wanting to leave the other the group gets separated and without the prison they have no central point of reference. After the fight is done, Carl and Rick find a bloody baby carrier, but they don’t find any signs of the baby Judith.

Paradise Lost

Michonne makes a new set of pets (which is almost as badass as Daryl) and sets out to find others. She is on the same path as Carl and Rick. Beth and Daryl have found each other and are on a mission to find any of the others – but not with much hope. We find Lizzie and Mika with Tyreese who is also carrying Judith (Yay for not killing babies). Tyreese leaves the girls for a moment to try and fight some walkers and as he starts to return he finds them with Carol – but he still doesn’t know that Carol was banned or why.

Maggie, Bob and Sasha are grouped together, with Maggie desperately worried about Glenn. Meanwhile Glenn wakes up after the fight at the prison is over and banns together with Tara. They head out to find Maggie. They are attacked by walkers as they walk and find themselves staring down a military truck – which introduces us to three new characters Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita.

Darryl and Beth have an adventure of killing walkers and exposing things about themselves that we didn’t know before. Beth wants to drink some alcohol because she never has before. Darryl won’t let her drink Peach Schnapps and takes her to a shack that Michonne had found that is full of moonshine. They get drunk and then burn the house down. Later on, we see Darryl trying to teach Beth how to shoot the crossbow and she gets injured when she steps in an animal trap. Darryl carries her to a house nearby sitting near a graveyard. After getting her wound taken care of and eating some of the food that they found at the house they are attacked by walkers (yeah there is a trend here) Darryl tells Beth to run as he fights them back.. When he finally gets out of the house, he sees Beth’s backpack and a car driving away. We don’t know if she was driving or if someone else was.. hmmm?

Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are headed to terminus – a place they have seen signs for along the tracks.   The signs say Sanctuary for all. Maggie starts leaving notes along the way to tell Glenn where she is headed.

Look at the Flowers

The 14th episode of Season four is where some things go seriously wrong. We find Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie, and Mika living on a farm that is protected from the walkers. It’s becoming clear that Lizzie doesn’t understand what the walkers are and is empathizing with them too much. She had previously pleaded with Carol to spare a walker who was trapped on the train tracks and later goes out there with Mika to feed it a mouse. Carol also finds her in the yard playing ‘tag’ with a walker. When Carol kills it, Lizzie gets upset and says that the walker was her friend. The next day when Carol and Tyreese return from a hunt they find that Lizzie has stabbed Mika with a knife but it’s okay because she didn’t stab her in the head. She also tells Carol that she was going to do the same thing with Judith. Tyreese and Carol discuss their situation and agree that Lizzie has to be executed. Carol takes Lizzie outside to talk, when Lizzie becomes distraught, Carol tells her to look at the flowers. As Lizzie is looking at the flowers and trying to calm herself, Carol shoots her in the head. If that wasn’t enough, Carol then returns to Tyreese and confesses to killing Karen and David. Ultimately Tyreese forgives her and they head out to Terminus with Judith.   I don’t know if I ever expected to cry during an episode of Walking Dead, but this one got me. Lizzie was so messed up, and when she killed Mika I couldn’t help it, and then when Carol told her to look at the flowers.. The episode was so very intense.

Found Ya!

Maggie and Glenn reunite in a long dark tunnel spanning the railroad tracks, and so now Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, Tara, Bob, Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita are all together headed toward Terminus, Darryl has found a new group, who we can tell Darryl isn’t going to get along with for long, but it’s a group and that means safety. They are only slightly behind Rick, Carl and Michonne – and everyone is headed to Terminus.

The group with Maggie and Glenn arrive there first and are greeted by a woman named Mary who greets them and offers them some meat. Rick, Michonne, and Carl are accosted by the group that Darryl has banded with. When Darryl arrives, he tries to convince the group that Rick and Michonne are good people, but the leader of the group decides to kill them all anyway. A fight starts and Michonne and Darryl (the badasses) defeat the contentious group. Together Rick, Michonne, Carl and Darryl head towards Terminus.

When the group reaches terminus, they circle around it, bury their weapons and sneak in via a fence. They are greeted by Garreth who welcomes them and takes them outside to get food from Mary. Rick notices that Alex (one of our Terminus crew) is wearing Hershel’s watch which was given to Glenn and others have items that belong to his friends – Darryl’s poncho that Maggie was wearing, the Orange bag that Rick had, and Glenn’s Riot gear. A shoot out occurs and the group is herded through the complex where they see a fenced in area filled with human remains on a blue tarp and see a shipping container where screams and banging are occurring. Garreth orders the Rick and the others to enter the shipping container – where they are reunited with their friends.

Season 5 Preview

Where do we go from here

Walking_Dead2So that’s Season 4 , and Season five is due out in October. So what do we do now? Well, as I mentioned there was a marathon this weekend that would allow anyone to catch up if they needed to. Of course The Walking Dead Season 1-3 are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime .

Tonight’s episode of Talking Dead was focused on recapping the events that shocked the two guests, Aisha Tyler and Scott Gimple, but it also included cast interviews on what’s been going on during the new shooting. There is also discussions about the original plans to include a naked zombie which caused a trend on twitter with #Zombiedong. There was also a lot of talk about the theory that the people of Terminus are cannibals, because it was talked about so much I tend to believe that’s not what it really is.. but I could be wrong. But the episode ended with the long promise of a preview of what’s to come in season 5. The sneak peak shows a group of walkers slowing moving along the railroad tracks following Carol and Tyreese (holding Judith) which if you remember are the only ones I didn’t mention as having arrived in Terminus. It looks like they are not far behind though. All in all the sneak peek was a little wha-wha.. seeing a horde of walkers walking through the forest is nothing new. There are some interesting videos on AMC’s Web site though.

This video shows behind the scenes cast interviews – where Maggie says that some of the things are so intense that they might not make it to TV.

The Talking Dead also mentioned There will be two insider episodes coming up as well. Inside the Walking Dead airs July 8th on AMC, and The Walking Dead – Walker University airs Tuesday July 18th.

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